Introduction to 1099MD

Greetings peer physicians… to 1099MD.   This site is developed for your use and benefit.  To those I have met at meetings (e.g. ACRO 2018 Locums Seminar) hello again!  Sign up above to get updates, or ask me a question via the form below.

By singing up you will be appraised of news and developments as we begin rollout of our services.   So please do so.

Your questions and our resources are what make 1099MD unique.  Please feel free to reach out with your questions about contracting/legal, locums pay, tax efficiency as a 1099, wealth management for the 1099 physician, or insurance questions (life, health disability).   In upcoming posts, we’ll have our experts share their thoughts on each of these unique areas.  Thank you for supporting 1099MD.