One might not think your pay rate, expenses or call coverage is up for negotiation.  I assure you, it most certainly is!

No different than any other financial negotiation, all the terms must be fully understood and valued as part of the overall remuneration.   While numbers vary by specialty here are some that are relevant for radiation oncology:

Daily Rate 2300-2600 /day for a regular workday with a standard workload.  What a standard workload?  25 on treatment patients with a typical mix is a starting point.     If you’re asked to do more, you should be paid more.   Most locums positions are often in smaller cities where higher pay is the norm.  However, if they (a hospital) needs urgent coverage, your rate request is more likely to stick.

What about call?  While radoncs are rarely called much less brought in on a weekend, not so for other specialists.   Be sure you ask what to expect, what you’ll be paid, and get it in writing.

One more thing:  Expenses.   Are you flying home every weekend?   What about housing? If its a long term expectation, you likely won’t enjoy living in a hotel or suite environment despite the daily cleaning.    Consider an apartment contract.   Of course, you’ll need to buy or transport up furniture, but the costs are often much less than the hotel expense.    Don’t forget to include (if not bringing already) sundries to survive (plates, pots, utensils, etc).    You shouldn’t have to bear the expense.   Much more on this subject to come in a subsequent article.

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